Asset management

Industry Trend

MPS remains the prime growth opportunity for SMBs and enterprize organizations. Overall, 65% of organisations expect MPS budgets to increase over the next year. Large organisations are more optimistic 36% expect MPS spending to increase significantly over the next 12 months, compared to 18% of midmarket organisations. By vertical, professional services and industrials lead the growth, with the public-sector lagging. Regionally budget expectations are mixed. While 42% of organisations report that MPS budgets will rise significantly.

One of the key drivers for MPS is the continued reliance on paper-based business processes. Almost half of respondents in Quocirca’s latest survey of organisations using MPS indicate that paper is very important to their daily business. Larger organisations are more likely to report paper as very important (55%) than midmarket organisations (40%). By industry, the public sector places the highest importance on paper (54%) and a staggering 70% of organisations agree paper is very important, This dependence on paper is not only costly – both in financial and environmental Terms – but also inefficient.

What is WeP Asset Management

Asset Management is a unique offering from WeP wherein we manage your existing assets (printers). There is no need of procuring new printers. WeP being a brand agnostic company provides solutions and maintenance to printers of any make and build.

With WeP Asset Management, you can reduce your manpower considerably and channelize these man hours in different jobs. You no longer have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors as WeP follows a ‘One vendor, One Nation’ approach. With 16 regional office and 18 warehouses spread strategically across India, the support structure is robust and TAT exceptional.

MPS is a successful, proven business model for organizations across the globe. 80% of organizations aren’t adopting to MPS despite knowing the benefits due to fear of resistant to change.

Only 12-15% of the entire print infrastructure is under managed & optimized. However, through Asset management WeP will manage the existing assets (printers) of the organization. Asset Management of printers in an organization brings discipline to the print infrastructure. It helps the organization reduce costs and streamlines the entire print environment. It also helps to optimize the manpower and thus organizations can focus on more important business.

With Asset Management, WeP helps the organizations in:
  • Reducing cost associated with printing and copying
  • Reducing staff time related to managing and supporting imaging devices
  • Improving the level of support to end users
  • liLet organizations focus on other business priorities
  • Contributing to environmental objectives