Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation


Samruddhi Scheme

(Subsidy for various financial activities under the Social Business Improvement Program)

  • To encourage self employment among adolescent community the branded product franchaisie fascitlity will be provided for young entrepreneurs .
  • In this regard, if the individual who has completed the minimum qualification SSLC from Scheduled Caste Adijambava community come forward to sell branded products in Tire-2 and Tire-3 cities through the franchisie stores will be trained by the franchisers to acquire entrepreneurship and soft skills for which a Maximum of Rs. 10.00 lakhs will be provided for funding.
  • The additional amount required for the enterprise is to be arranged from their own sources or by the bank.
  • Common Eligibility

    • Applicants must belong to the Scheduled Castes.
    • The resident of Karnataka State.
    • Applicants must be 21 years to 50 years of age.
    • The annual income of the applicant's family shall be Rs.5,00,000 / -.
    • If any member of the applicant / family is previously entitled to Rs.1,00,000 / - from the Corporation / Government, such beneficiaries are not eligible for this facility.
    • Applicants must have the space required to set up the unit.


    1. Applicants must be selected by the Selection Committee.
    2. The selected beneficiary must qualify for the training offered by branded institutions.
    3. The sanctioned beneficiary will be canceled at any stage if he is found to be eligible.
    4. Must have a place to start the unit.