Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation


Prerna Scheme

1) Beauty and Wellness Centers:

The Karnataka Adi Jambava Development Corporation intends to implement "Motivation Plan" as part of the Samskrithi scheme for women's financial self-reliance and empowerment. Scheduled Caste unemployed women in urban and rural areas are allowed to get subsidy from the corporation to start self employment units.

In collaboration with State / State level branded Training Institutes, "Establishment of Beauty and Wellness Centers is aimed at implementing training and employment plan for Scheduled Caste women with Dr. BR Ambedkar Development Corporation. The scheme will be implemented in the form of corporations' new proposal plan. The selected beneficiary should qualify for the training of branded institutions. Every beneficiary selected to start the Beauty and Wellness Center will be given financial support of up to Rs.10.00 lakhs. Technical support will be given to acquire franchise / dealer and maintain the unit.

Common Eligibility

  • Applicants should be a Scheduled Caste woman.
  • The resident of Karnataka State.
  • Applicants must be 21 years to 50 years of age.
  • The annual income of the applicant's family shall be within Rs.1,50,000 / -.
  • If any member of the applicant / family is previously entitled to Rs.1,00,000 / - from the Corporation / Government, such beneficiaries are not eligible for this facility.


  1. Applicants should be selected in the selection committee and the minimum qualifying examination of the branded organization.
  2. The selected beneficiary must comply with the written consent to attend a program that will be required to obtain necessary knowledge about the management of the entity from the branded organization.
  3. Approval will be canceled at any stage if the approved beneficiary is found to be ineligible.