Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation


Micro Credit Scheme

(Self Employment Centers) For Self Help Societies (as per Rs. 25000 per Member for 250 Self Help Groups)

  • Introduces Micro Credit Plans to promote group activity in women and start generating revenue / service units. Creating a group of at least 10 women / starting a joint venture of the existing group, starting with a good income, production / service unit. The purpose of the project is to provide financial self-reliance among women by equally distributing income generated in business / manufacturing / service activities.
  • Rs.2.50 lakh subsidy will be sanctioned. The corporation pays a sum of Rs. 25,000 / - per member. (Rs.10,000 / - subsidy and Rs. 15,000 / - seed loan).
  • Common Eligibility

    • Applicants must belong to the Scheduled Castes.
    • Must be a resident of Karnataka State.
    • Applicants must be over 21 years of age.
    • The annual income of the applicant's family shall be Rs.5,00,000 / -.
    • If any member of the Applicants / Depositors has previously been provided by the Corporation / Government over Rs.1,00,000 / -, such beneficiaries are not eligible for this facility.
    • Applicants should be a member of the women's self-help organization or should get a new membership.
    • The applicant for the purpose of Self-employment should have at least 200 square feet of space to establish the unit. (Own / rent / lease)
    • The applicant should be given a written consent about being part of the self-help organization and participating in group activities and maintaining business transactions and receiving income only. The Corporation should use the seed loan and subsidy as the base capital.
    • Approval will be canceled at any stage if the approved beneficiary is found to be ineligible.


    1. Applicants should be selected by the Sangha Selection Committee.
    2. If the sanctioned beneficiary is found to be ineligible, the approval will be cancelled at any stage.
    3. The sanctioned body shall initiate the intended activity in collaboration with all members.
    4. Must have a place to start the unit.
    Applicants are required to provide the below Documents along with the application for all projects:
    1. Recent Caste and Income Certificate (Must have Rd Number).
    2. Academic Certificates (as set forth for that project)
    3. Aadhaar Card and Food Ration Card / Election Identity Card.
    4. Bank Passbook.
    5. Vehicle Driving License (Iravata Scheme/Plan).