Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation


About Adijambava

The Government has come up with various project benefits with the aim of providing social justice equally to the various castes in the prestigious caste list, and for this purpose the banjaara taanda development corporation was already established. In the same manner for the purpose of development of the bhoovi and vaddar community the “ Karnataka Bhoovi Development corporation” was established. And now in the interest of “Dr B R Ambedkar development corporation” an order has been issued that the “Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation” is to be established for the enforcement of all projects and programmes for those in prestigious castes/schedule castes and other related castes. After the completion of the corporation's registration and other initiatives the Honourable Chief Minister will launch a new corporation on 17/01/2019.

For the purpose of comprehensive development of the scheduled castes and other related castes the “Karnataka Adijambava Development Corporation” will take up the implementation of those projects/programmes assigned by the government.

The action plan created by the social welfare department states that for the year 2018-2019 Rs 296.50 Crs grants are sanctioned from the department. The targeted area of ​​the assembly constituency is based on population based on grants.

The corporation hopes that the relatives of the Adijambava community will be able to use the new corporation projects to become economically and socially viable.